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Preferably sit on top Best fishing kayaks

For safety, a sea kayak must be unsinkable. With a fully waterproof double hull, it has to face waves without risk. We talk about a kayak “sit on top” on which we sit (and not which we are inside). They are made of rotomolded polyethylene, a very solid material that can be pulled on sand without risk and very resistant to impact.

But there are also kayaks in which one sits inside (“sit in”) and whose buoyancy is ensured by watertight compartments the hatch into which one enters. These kayaks have the advantage of keeping the fisherman dry.

Also think about the comfort of the seat. A fishing trip often lasts a long time. It is therefore necessary to favor kayaks with comfortable seats.

Which model to choose?

A kayak is chosen according to its use. It will not be the same size for a person of small size as for a more enveloped fisherman. The shell should not have the same volume. Also think that the fisherman likes the equipment. It is common to take with you more than ten kilos of accessories to go fishing (electronic equipment, drums, rods, lures, food …)

If the kayaks with taut lines, quite narrow are recognized for a better glide, it should not be forgotten that most of the time best fishing kayaks, happens at the stop in drift. The kayak must therefore be stable and comfortable during these phases.

Very large, a kayak can even allow standing fishing (in calm seas). We will then take a model with a flat surface in front of the seat to find its balance, firmly on its feet.

Question length, it will depend on your size, but keep in mind that a sea kayak must be more than 3.50 m to have the right to sail more than 300 m from the coast. A short kayak will be more maneuverable which is why they are found on rivers, but a longer model better supports the sea, waves and swell.


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